Where do you start with Yoga Therapy?

Your first yoga therapy session

Your first session with a yoga therapist starts with an introduction. And an inquiry. What brings you to yoga therapy? What do you hope to gain through yoga therapy?

Your first yoga therapy session at Tampa Yoga Therapy may be either a 30 minute consult or a 90 minute consult and assessment.

Either way, it’s the time to take the time. In your first yoga therapy session spend time with your yoga therapist to get all your questions answered. You may have general questions such as, “How can yoga therapy help me? What types of conditions or issues may be addressed? What kinds of yoga therapy techniques are available to me?”

Your path to health and well-being is an individual experience. Start with open communication in your first yoga therapy session. This important first conversation will help you get the most out of the therapeutic practices of yoga. Your yoga therapist can begin considering your unique situation. Understanding your needs is the first step to co-creating the best plan for you.

Use the first session with your yoga therapist to ask questions and establish your priorities for health and well-being. Your yoga therapist will be happy to share everything from general yoga therapy information, to the latest research findings to support the benefits of yoga therapy.