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This course includes 5 Lessons. Each lesson covers a different Pranayama technique. Learn these basic yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) with an advanced therapeutic yoga teacher.

Please watch the preview view titled, “Please Watch First.” In this introduction to pranayama there are general descriptions of the practices and very important information regarding contraindications. Certain pranayama practices should be avoided under certain circumstances. Please be sure you watch and learn which practices are most suitable for you.

Each of the pranayama video lessons includes an introduction that explains the purpose and benefits, and a step-by-step demonstration of the pranayama technique.

Course duration: 1 week from when you enroll or buy the course. You will have access to this course and all the lessons for one week.
Option to retake the course: 3 times. You can return to practice the lessons up to three times within the duration of this course .

Once you enroll or buy this course, you will have access to all the lessons within the duration of the course.
Lessons can be taken in any order.