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This class comes to you live from the Take Me To The River Yoga studio in Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida. It’s easy!

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About Somatics and Yoga – Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

Bonus! This course also includes another pre-recorded lesson with 68 minutes of (5) separate Somatic movements

SOMA – from Greek sōma ‘body.’ YOGA – Sanskrit, literally ‘union.’ The practices of Somatics and Yoga pair perfectly. Somatics is the intentional movement and awareness of the body. One of the leading teachers of the Somatic practice is Thomas Hanna. He describes Somatics as a practice that brings our central nervous system out of “sensory motor amnesia.”

In my version of this gentle practice, almost all the movements take place while you are laying flat on your back on the mat. Recline and Supine. Slow, non-habitual movements bring the body and mind together in a relaxing, yet powerful practice.

Relearn and reteach your body to move the way it was intended. Begin to undo and unwind those not-so-great standing, walking, and moving habits. Paired with yoga and the practice of breath, mindfulness, and non-attachment – Somatics and Yoga bring a total body/mind coherence that is relaxing and beneficial.


  • Online, streaming yoga classes

    Online yoga class, streaming live via ZOOM at regularly scheduled times. ZOOM login info provided once you register for this class.

  • Pre-Recorded Somatic Lessons

    This is a series of pre-recorded audio lessons that take you through the basic practices of Somatics.


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