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Tish Ganey is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), an experienced 500 hour Kripalu registered yoga teacher (E-RYT® 500) and long-time yoga practitioner. Through Tampa Yoga Therapy she provides Advanced Therapeutic Yoga to help people move in the direction of a more balanced life. Therapeutic Yoga focuses on the five koshas and their effect on the individual. The yogic philosophy of the koshas is central to yoga therapy. Yoga therapists assess the five layers, or koshas by observing how these five areas are expressed in the individual.

The first kosha, Annamayakosha is the physical layer. Many people seek Advanced Therapeutic Yoga to address an issue they are having in this realm. A few examples of dis-ease (without ease!) to the Annamayakosha include such things as: hypertension, low back pain, sore joints, impaired balance, and decreased mobility. Many of us could make a much longer list!

Yoga has helped many people achieve a level of ease within the body, the Annamayakosha layer. Advanced Therapeutic Yoga works with all the koshas to determine which of the koshas needs the most support. We know for example, if the emotional body is in “over drive,” reducing stress may have a positive effect on hypertension. Advanced Yoga Therapy operates on the premise that balance within all five koshas creates the integrated experience of health and well-being.

The five koshas are:

  1. Physical Body – Annamayakosha
  2. Breath/Energy Body – Pranamayakosha
  3. Psycho/Emotional Body – Manamayakosha
  4. Witness/Wisdom Body – Vijnanamayakosha
  5. Bliss Body – Anandamayakosha